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ENTRY PAGE - Only $12.00 / YEAR!!


Search engines remain as the single most effective means of driving traffic to your site. The search engine market has evolved, though. Most larger ones charge ridiculous fees just to be listed (most don't even guarantee a listing with a payment!).

Different engines rank sites differently. You want to key on more than one word, or group of words. You can not do this with just one URL.

Typically, the top level URL is still one of the more important aspects of search engine rankings. In other words, if you were looking for 'sensible web hosting', the URL 'www.sensiblewebhosting.com' would be more likely to bring top rankings, than a company that did sensible web hosting named 'acmecomputerservices.com'. If your name was 'acmecomputerservices, you probably still want that domain; even though it is not the best thing to drive traffic to your site.

The solution? Register another domain, using the key words you want centered on, and make it a 'gateway' to your formal site. All you need is one page, and a link (or links) to your 'regular' pages. You can also fill this entry site with meta tags concerning the key words you are aiming for with that particular entry page. Or, you could register multiple similar domains, each one utilizing meta tags differently, to coincide with particular targeted search engines. Remember, each engine uses their own proprietary means of ranking sites.

Finally, one of the newer techniques of assigning relevance, is how many other sites link to your 'ranked' site. What better way to assure this, as well as add more, than to register more domains yourself!

You can take advantage of this ranking secret for the amazingly low price of $12.00/YEAR! Add $10/year if you need us to do the domain registration. In other words, for MUCH less than the price of 'submission' to just one major search engine, you can increase your exposure and relevance, on most every engine out there!

Here is an example of an entry page: www.wesellinkcartridges.net

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