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Tired of changing email addresses every time your ISP changes?

Tired of your mailbox filling up with just a few messages? Or not receiving an attachment because it was 'too big'?

Tired of having 'signatures' attached to your free email account? (advertising service of provider)

Whether your ISP was bought by someone else, or you simply change your service (to get cable, or switch to DSL, etc.), every time you do this, you need to change your email address and get it out to all your contacts. Wouldn't it be nice to have ONE email address, for as long as you want to have it (like the rest of your online life??)

Well, now you can. For only $12/YEAR! (with your own domain), you can now have your own email address with a 10 meg size. You can either use it to 'forward' all your emails to whoever your current provider is, or you can use it as a POP email account, just as aol, or bellsouth, etc. You can configure it as an autoresponder, also. Alternatively, you could simply have web-email; to access from anywhere in the world. It is YOUR account, with no signatures, or advertising whatsoever.


bullet1st email address: $12/year. 10 meg account limit, 50 meg transfer limit per month.
bulletIf you need a URL, there is an additional annual fee of only $10 for a domain name (we would register 'smith.com' for instance, so you could have john@smith.com for your email address. We also research the best available domain names available relating to your choice for free, and offer you several options. In this example, smith.com is already taken.)
bullet2nd and additional email address on the same domain: $5/year each. In above example, you could have john@smith.com, and your wife could have mary@smith.com), and your children would have bobby@smith.com, tom@smith.com, etc. Same account limits for each.

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